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SJS Safety Professionals can partner with your organization to develop required written health and safety programs. Our occupational health and safety professionals can help customize a program for you that it is practical and cost-effective for your organization and that meets the requirements of local, state and federal regulatory agencies. Our programs are designed and written to meet your operations' specific needs.


The development of a documented and effectively implemented health and safety program is critical to the success your safety program. OSHA requires such a program for many organizations; for others it may be part of the overall management system to:

·         protect employees from workplace related injuries and illnesses

·         to reduce the costs associated with those injuries and illnesses 

·         to improve employee morale and productivity

Site Safety & Health Plans      

Safety and health plans that may be required for your facility include OSHA lockout / tagout procedures, bloodborne pathogen protection, respiratory protection, hearing conservation, personal protective equipment, confined space entry, emergency and fire prevention, and many others. These plans are necessary to protect the health and safety of personnel who may come into contact with hazardous waste or other hazardous substances.

We will assist you in collecting background information about your site and the chemicals potentially involved to develop plans that meet all applicable regulatory requirements.

Examples of Programs

Hazard Communication Written Program - Lack of a written hazard communication program is one of the most frequently cited OSHA violations. If your employees are exposed to OSHA hazardous chemicals, a hazcom plan is mandatory. Safe Job Solutions can compile your labeling, MSDS, employee information and training, hazwoper training, and contractor information programs into an effective written plan. If you don't have these programs already, we can develop them for you.
Employee Emergency and Fire Prevention Plans

We will examine your facility, assess potential emergency situations, and prepare plans that will ensure employee safety in an emergency or fire in accordance with applicable regulations [29 CFR 1910.38].

Certified Hazardous Assessments

Written Hazardous Assessments point out potentially dangerous situations and controls them before an accident occurs, especially those dangers present in routine work. They also influence many aspects of workplace safety.

According to the revised "General Requirements" under CFR 1910.132 personal protective equipment, the employer must document and verify that a certified hazard assessment has been performed through a written certification that identifies the workplace evaluated, the person certifying that the evaluation has been performed, and the date of the assessment. This assessment must identify the hazards to the employees, relating to their jobs, tasks, operations or equipment use, the body part affected by the hazards, and the suggested personal protective equipment to use. We can provide you with this certified written document.

On Site Safety Meetings

Our safety meetings are structured to suit your particular industry, current operation, or any particular safety topic you may desire. The meetings will be designed and delivered to instruct your employees on how to perform jobs productively, efficiently, and safely. They will address the particular hazard recognition and control procedures as well as the use of required personal protective equipment.

These meetings can be conducted at your workplace, or the job site. The meetings can be held anytime and anywhere.

Material Safety Data Sheet Development

Safe Job Solution’s staff develops material safety data sheets (MSDS’s) designed to meet OSHA requirements while effectively protecting the health and safety of workers who use hazardous chemicals. We strive to ensure that your MSDS’s are complete, technically accurate, and in language that the target audience can understand. We generate MSDS’s using the ANSI 16-part format, but we will be happy to create MSDS’s to suit your needs.

In-House Training

Qualified Instructors & Training 

Training Matrix/Documentation

We also provide our clients with a computerized Training Matrix listing their employees and the training received on a given date. This single document makes it easier for you to visualize at a glance who has had, or who needs training. This report is upgraded to reflect both new employees as well as the deletion of employees who have left..

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